Hey! I’m Aida.

A speaker, mindset mentor, & soulful business strategist dedicated to helping you achieve the life and business you always knew was possible.

you are worthy of all your desires.

The wealth, the dreamy relationships, the successful business…The custom-house, the tropical family vacations, the Satin PJs…It’s all yours to have. You can feel it. You believe it with your whole heart. But, you cannot affirm and journal your way to your dream life, love. You have to do the work to make it happen. You have to take soul-driven, desire-motivated action. Believe me, I know.
I know it doesn’t feel possible right now.I know the strategies feel like too much, and you don’t know where to start. I know leaning fully into what you REALLY want feels too scary, so you’ve got one foot left in the indifference zone. I know you're chasing the dreams you feel you “should” be. How is that going for you? Hmm. Those beliefs aren’t serving you. You have to bet on you. You have to show up.

Every. Single. One

I bet on me. I showed up.

And I created the life and business I always desired. Now, I’m here to help other exceptional women like you do the same.

Work With Me

Hey, Gorgeous! I’m Aida.

And, I’m pretty sure working is a part of my DNA. Seriously, I LOVE being an Entrepreneur. But, more than that, I love sharing how I built this dream business & life (with a bit of help from the Universe, Alignment, and Inspired Action, of course). But, I wasn’t always living the life of an aligned, soul-strategy-led entrepreneur & mama.  It took a decade of living and embodying the Corporate-Woman identity for me to realize that success shouldn’t feel hard. That busyness and burnout are not badges of an engaged & successful woman. They are indicators of a diluted one. Never again. Yes, a decade. You think Beyonce just woke up one day feeling like Sasha Fierce? Puh-leeze. That’s mindset, baby. It takes work to feel like you can do, be, & receive anything. But, trust me... t’s simple. If it doesn’t light you up, don’t do it. No compromises.
It’s simple. If it doesn’t light you up, don’t do it. No compromises. That’s what a decade of living the life I wasn’t meant to taught me. It’s on that uncomfortable descent from the corporate-ladder that I discovered what a full-embodied heck yes kind of life is really all about. It’s about... Getting super connected with what feels sexy and exciting. Saying goodbye to the boring “shoulds.”  Thinking bigger. Creating more abundance. Believing you can have it all. Becoming open to opportunities literally falling out of the sky, falling into your hands…as if by magic. It’s about creating a life in alignment with what you REALLY desire. And watching your soul-led actions make your dreams your reality. And, believe me, once you open the floodgates, you can’t stop it. 

Work With Me

Ready to make the LEAPS, take the CHANCES,                         and always,                    ALWAYS, bet on YOU?


do the do,

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