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YOU are the                          
of  your EMPIRE


You are your own best hype-woman. Best coach. Best guide. Your desires are the greatest signposts for your success. YOU are the magic.  As if anyone could do what you do the way you do it. But, you already knew that, didn’t you? You know you are meant for more. You know what it takes to get to that next level.  You know you have all the resources, all the answers, everything you need inside of you right now. But, that next level, the uplevel, still seems so far away, like it’s on an ever-moving pedestal. Well, darling, if you want to upgrade your net worth, you’re going to have to upgrade your self-worth first. Yep, that’s right.

Work with Aida

It’s time to                   some KANYE levels of SELF-HYPE and SELF-LOVE so you can take                    on your DESIRES and bECOME the woman you’re                  to BE.

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A 12-week course designed to help you break free from your Money Blocks and Scarcity mindset, and UNLEASH THE WEALTHY WOMAN WITHIN by making money and attracting your dream life from a place of total EASE and FLOW!

A 6-month, high-touch, high-level mastermind created for the soulful businesswoman who knows that surrounding herself with new possibilities is the key to creating a life beyond her wildest dreams.

I Don't Believe In Coincidences. So, if you're here, it's for a reason. 

invest in the woman you wish to become

6 Month Mastermind

12 Week Course

Activated Abundance Academy

The Soulful Boss Mastermind


I've seen tremendous growth in my business over the last six months.

Kaye Dixon

What I am truly and deeply grateful for is the connection I've rediscovered within my own organization, as well as the clarity I've now mapped out for where I am going in my career - as a leader and as a personal brand. Thank you Aida for being my dream coach.

Working with Aida is like no other coaching experience I've had.

Kelli Preston

And I'm kind of a coach junkie. Aida gives you the permission to create a business that really suits you and the steps to actually make money doing it.

She guided me to the answers I’ve been in search of for months!

Jordan Strobeck

Through a series of poignant questions and exercises, she guided me to the answers I’ve been in search of for months! It is crazy how a great coach can help you uncover that. She is always encouraging me to work from a place of ease and ease I have found!

She has allowed me to dream bigger. Why did I need permission? Who knows! And yet I did...

Vickey Easa

Aida has helped me see limitations I didn’t even know I had. She has allowed me to dream bigger. Why did I need permission? Who knows! And yet I did...She is one of the safest people in my life that I can talk to. I’m never afraid of being judged.

Aida has been instrumental in the success of my business

Hannah St. Claire

She believed in me, motivated me and paved a clear road to success. She held me accountable and pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and taught me to be confident in myself. Without her constant support and encouragement as a leader, I would not be where I am today!

Her coaching style is authentic and real. I felt safe sharing my story with her. I could really be myself

Traci Ward Phillips

I now have this momentum to my business that I did not have prior to meeting with Aida. Without a doubt I will be referring friends and family to Copper Ladder. I’m so glad I invested my time and money in her program.

Aida does it all - mindset work, branding, strategy, coaching & mentoring. 

Jordan Strobeck 

She is able to dig deep with you to uncover those big dreams you have for your life. Her positivity, poignant questions and thoughtful exercises allowed me to put in place a strategy for launching my new brand.

Or, are you here to check out some free magic? 

I’m not one to wine and dine in the DMs, but free magic, there is plenty.

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